Saturday, 28 February 2015

Three steps before you start toilet training your little one

Toilet training or potty training is a stage every parent goes through. But if they plan for it from the beginning it will be much easier to toilet train your toddler.
Concept of dirty nappy:
First of all you need to give your child a concept of dirty nappy. How to do it? very  easy. All you have to do when you notice your child has soiled their nappy, take them to change and talk to them like.. "Aww smelly nappy.".make funny faces smile and do action because children usually pick  up body language first. "Shall we change it? ""lets make you all clean".."now all clean.." pretend you smell air and say" hmm nice and fresh" .. pick them and throw nappy in the bin and say bye dirty nappy let you toddler join in with you usually they like waving. Every time you repeat this routine when change their nappy your child will pick this and do join you in action of bad smell etc. 
Child's respond on dirty nappy:
Next step is when you see your child doing poo after a while go to them touch their nappy and tap and say "have you done a poopoo?" hold your nose as you dont like smell. Sooner you will notice when you ask child "have you done a poo?" your child will respond you in their own way as they fully understand you.
Sitting on toilet seat:
Next step is sitting on toilet.No child can be toilet train in one week if they already not introduce to toilet.Some people prefer keeping potty seat first but in my opinion it will double your work to train them from potty seat to toilet seat. Now days you can easily buy toddlers toilet seat to use in your home toilet. In the beginning when you wake up in morning and go for washing your face put your child on toilet seat on toilet give them tooth brush to chew on. In five days they will start enjoying sitting on toilet seat messing with tooth paste and brush and watching you.Meanwhile you are working on them as above. Dont take their nappy or clothes off yet let them get familiar with height of your toilet.