Tuesday, 10 February 2015

All about bottle feeding

Breast feeding is the best natural source to feed baby.However there are so many reasons why some mums has to choose bottle feeding. What ever the reason are if you are bottle feeding or mixed feeding your baby you need to know everything how and what precautions you should take while bottle feeding.

Boiled water:
  •  Always use cool or warm boiled water to prepare milk for your little ones.
  •  Water should be freshly filled in kettle and boil. Once its boil take it out in clean Thermos or jar.
  • Make sure your boiled water is been covered properly.
Cleaning your bottles:
  • Always use bottle brush with washing up liquid to wash your bottle and bottle teat. This bottle brush should not be use for any other washing up.
  • After washing your bottle it is recommended to sterilize your bottles.For sterilizing you can use any sterilize liquid (milton), sterilize tablets, steam sterilizers or simply put bottles to boil in hot water for at least 5 minutes.
How to prepare bottle for feeding:
  • To make bottle add warm boiled water and add one spoon of formula milk  for one ounce water. You can see instruction on the formula milk packaging as well. And mix it well by shaking bottle.
  • To warm up your baby s milk bottle use bottle warmer or use hot water. Place your bottle in hot water pot until is warm enough to drink.DO NOT USE MICROWAVE for your infants milk.
  • Always make fresh bottle for every feed.
  • If baby do not finish milk at once use that milk with in one hour. In hot weather it is advisable to discard left over milk .Do not restore left over milk.
  • Do not reheat your bottle milk.
  • Always check the temperature of the milk before giving it to baby. Best way is to put drops on your wrist. Your misjudgment can burn your little ones mouth and might cause blisters as well.
Cows milk:
  • Cows milk can be offer to baby once baby is over 6 months.
  • When offer cows milk first time, give them small amount to make sure your child is not allergic to lactose.
  • I would advise to warm milk in hot water or bottle warmer and avoid microwave.
  • If you do use microwave to warm milk shake the bottle well. Otherwise it creates hot spots on the top.
Bottle Teats: 
                             When you buy feeding bottles usually they have teats which are suitable from birth. Once your baby is six months they need different teat. Whatever brand bottle you use you can find  teats with numbers for each stage. You do need to change teats because as your baby grows they will drink more amount of milk and with newborn teat their mouth gets tired of sucking and in result they do not finish their feed at once.Sometimes they get frustrated as well.