Friday, 13 February 2015

How to avoid "Nappy Rash"

What is nappy rash?
Nappy rash is redness or soreness appears on your baby's bottom and nappy area.

How to avoid nappy rash?
Nappy rash is very common in babies. At some stage of parenthood you will  find your baby with rash. It can happen no matter whether you use washable  or disposable nappy. But there are few ways that can help you to avoid nappy rash.

  • In case of new born you have to change nappy quiet often as they soiled nappy frequently. You have to make sure that you check on there nappy every time after feeding. Because some time they poo very little that you can not smell it and if you do not check you would not know.In result you will leave your baby longer in the nappy  by the time you check or change nappy you find their bottom sore.
  • The main reason of nappy rash is that your baby 's skin is in direct touch of wee or poo for long time.To avoid this situation you should make sure that you change baby's nappy often .Do not leave them in one nappy more than 4 hours. Some nappies are very absorbent so they do not look heavy or full but this does not mean you leave baby in one nappy whole day. You should change baby's nappy at least five times a day.
  • I have seen many moms who avoid changing baby's soiled nappy because baby has fallen sleep. Please do not do this to your baby. First babies cries once they soiled  and only sleeps if  they are extremely tired.So even if they start falling sleep you should change their nappy. Leaving them sleep in dirty nappy means that you are leaving poo in touch with their skin longer and it will cause a really bad rash. This is very useless excuse  that baby will cry , baby cries for lots of wrong reasons but we think of their safety first so why not think of their skin?
  • There is possibility that you have to leave them in dirty nappy even if you do not want to, for example  you are driving a car.I can understand in this case if your are traveling on long route please stop on any break point and change your baby .Or if you are in your city but aiming for any long meeting or party or shopping I will advice you to stop by any supermarkets with toilet facility and change your baby's nappy .Do not think its waste of time 10 minutes will not make difference in your schedule but leaving baby in dirty nappy longer for an hour will cause  painful effect on your little one.Think of your baby once how much they will be uncomfortable in dirty nappy.
  • If your baby is having diarrhea I will advice you keep checking on them as they soil change them and after wiping use wet cotton to wipe their bottom because diarrhea leaves bad smell as well. Try to keep your baby's skin as clean as possible. 
  • When ever change your baby's soiled nappy make sure their bottom is properly clean and their is no poo left on their skin before putting on clean nappy.
  • Make sure that nappy is not so tight it should be right size so there will be room for some air.
  • Where ever you go with baby always take your nappy and wipes with you.You do not know you might need them and how long you might have to stay out.
If your baby is already having nappy rash please read my next post "How to treat nappy rash."