Friday, 13 February 2015

How to treat "Nappy Rash"

If your baby has nappy rash there are so many ways to treat your baby at home.

  • If you notice soreness and redness on your baby's nappy area, clean and  wipe them with wet cotton . Water is the best way to clean.Then dry it and apply nappy rash cream before putting clean nappy.
  • Give your baby nappy free time as much as you can.If your baby is toddler and move around a lot its best to keep their nappy off while they are sleeping and cover them with cotton cloth .You can place plastic mat  with cotton sheet  under your baby s bottom so their bed stays dry. Keep checking on them if they wet themselves use wet cotton to wipe and change the cotton sheet underneath.Air and water are the best to treat  nappy rash.
  • Give them bath with water only and let them sit in water for a while. This will help to heal the rash faster. 
  • Usually nappy rash will go away within three to four days especially if you treat it straight away.If not then you have to consider your health visitor or GP.
  • Some nappies might cause rash to your baby(some babies have very sensitive skin).In this case change the nappy brand choose different good quality brand which is more soft and gentle to their skin.Trust me it has happened to me, my child was having nappy rash even I was changing her frequently then I changed the nappy brand and it has solved the problem.
It is best to avoid babies to get rash in the first place. Check my post
 "How to avoid nappy rash".