Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Some ideas to keep your children occopied during half term

Half term is here and children are home. Its very common children claiming "I am BORED"and as a parent we know its not possible to take them out  every day.So there are few tips how we can keep our children occupied and get household work done as well.
Make holidays TIME TABLE t.It should not be too tight like a army just plan few things for a day.That will be more than enough. Do not forget your children do need relax time as well as you .

 Every day we do need cleaning. We can use this to keep children occupied. 

  • Plan your monthly cleaning and involve children to design a chart board one task for each day. (You can divide task base on each room.)
  •  Ask children to do wiping boards ,tables, cupboards, wardrobes etc.It can be cleaning their wardrobes taking unwanted clothes out Fold or hang clothes in order. 

  • Make it fun for them play their favorite music on the back ground. Do funky dance movements to keep them entertain and engage.
  • They may take too long to complete cleaning offer them snacks breaks.You can choose crisp or juice or cake.anything to fresh them up. 
  • While they cleaning set up timer can help some times.
2.Visiting friends:
Let them visit or invite friends over to play. Or use your garden or outside play while you are doing your cooking. Give them free play time.

3. Planting: Do some gardening with them and let them plan some thing to plant with their name labels and give them responsibility to grow that plant and take care of it. If they are old enough to search on internet ask them to choose their own plant and write down instruction how to grow their plant. They will enjoy it.

4.Making Scrap book:
Make a scrap book in which they can put their photo prints .Ask them to search for  five things they find interesting in their garden take photo of them and print it out and find details about it.Help them when they need. Remember your involvement is very important.

You can do some cooking with children it all depends what age they are in. In cooking baking, cutting fruit salad. making milkshake or smoothies anything your children show interest.

6.Relaxing time: 
  • Let them watch their TV and relax. If they want o lie down , read book or watch TV.
  • Do some home work related activities with them.It can be alphabets numbers. or reading words, or for older children sum up books or brain games.
7.General play:
Painting, play dough, coloring, drawing are general play younger children enjoys.Or family indoor games snap, ludo, snakes and ladders etc. Or in the garden they can do cycling, foot ball, playing tennis or badminton etc. Always remember children enjoys more if you join with them. 

Here you go your main day is past and your children are not BORED. Your involvement is very important .Take school holidays as your golden time to bond with them and win their trust.You will be surprise that how many new things you will find out about your children when you spend time with them. Their strengths , weaknesses. thoughts and their personality. And most important is you can guide your children and support them better if you know them as a friend.