Friday, 20 February 2015

New born baby? How to mange your daily routine..

Congratulations you have a new born baby and if you are first time mum then welcome to parenthood.
I have seen many mums struggling to carry out their daily routine once they have a baby.
Here are few tips which will help them to work out when and what can they do.

Timings: New born baby will be more often hungry for first 10 days especially if you are breast feeding.First 3 four days you have to feed them whenever they cry.And for breast feeding you have to offer them more so your body will produce more milk.In case of bottle feeding babies dont get hungry much quicker. In  first five days you will get the idea how often your baby is hungry.I will suggest you to write it down time when you offer them milk, and how much milk they drank . Then each feed write the time down.After 24 hours look at your table it will give you a clear idea how often your baby drinks milk and how much.
Now you can plan when to go out for shopping and find a place to feed them when the feed time is near.

Baby Cries: You need to learn what is baby cry for hunger.Because baby can cry for so may reasons they might be tired,sleepy, uncomfortable in the position we put them in, they might feeling hot,they might have dirty nappy etc.You have to look for hunger sign usually babies start putting their fingers in their mouth get restless and make slow cries with a gap and if they dont get milk they cries louder.This mean they are hungry plus timetable chart can help you to guess as well.Following link might help you for better understanding of baby cry.

Cook easy recipe food:And if you dont have any family to support and have older children to look after,  it is very stressful to breastfeed.In this case it will be a good idea that you keep some food ready in your freezer for first five days. After that  use simple and easy recipes for cooking like pasta with a ready made pasta sauce, stir fried noodles, chicken fried rice, cheese potato pie with beans, yogurts or custard for desert with any cake made by cake mix powders etc, There are many simple ways easy and quick recipes are very handy for you to prepare and feed other members of family.( I will be adding easy cook recipes for Asian and world food in my time to time that might be useful).