Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Tesco voucher codes

Here I have received 4 discount vouchers from Tesco to share with friends. These vouchers are for  Delivery Saver. Trust me its very useful I am register with them its very handy especially if you have younger children or you are working parents, or you dont have your own vehical. It will allow you to choose the  days and choose your delivery time, no matter what time you order. Plus you can amend your order if you have forgotten anything with no extra charge.And if you choose" Find substitute " so if that specific item is not available then you will get better higher price item for the same chosen price of yours.
  Not only this once you are registered for a year you will be eligible for free delivery of some items of Tesco direct or F&F clothing. They will send you the offers separately.
Here are four codes.

  1. E-Coupon code...DDJ3HTKJGV7
  2. E coupon code... DDJ3HHN3XCL
  3. E-coupon code...DDJ3HHRL6GD
  4. E-coupon code... DDJ3H9DCYNH
Enter  e -coupon code at the Delivery Saver checkout on