Thursday, 5 March 2015

How to toilet train your toddler

Different people have different views about when a child can get toilet train.Some says if your child hasnt start talking yet you cant toilet train them, some says "they will be ready by themselves"etc.
I totally agree with that that each child is different. But I believe that without parents or carers input no child can be toilet train and its down to carer what techniques they are using. Please read my post "Three steps before toilet training "because its very important that your child have clear concept of dirty nappy. Until then if you  all of a sudden take their nappy off you will be lucky if they get toilet train in a week. Some children feel so insecure or scared . Any change needs time to adjust. So do our little ones it will take time and you need to go step by step Dont rush them and be patient.
Pull ups: 
You can start from pull ups. In the morning take them toilet with you make them sit on toilet pull their pull ups down. And ask them to do wee. Wait for a minute if they dont do anything no need to worry .Just praise them "well done you sitting on toilet" pull their pant up and give them brush and wash face.During day time around every 2 hours take them toilet make them sit ask them to do wee. Dont make them sit too long otherwise it will put them off. If they do wee praise them and its good to give them sticker or any little reward. Dont make mistake of offering sweets..In 2 to 3 weeks time you will have your child doing wee on toilet morning time or 3  or 4 times a day wee on toilet.
Precautions: Never leave your child on toilet alone.

Put them in pants:
Next is now you should get 5 days to focus on toilet training. things you need to remember.
  • Even if your child is going nursery you can start from Saturday and Sunday then take them nursery and staff will be happy to continue how you want them to just provide enough spare clothes.
  • Dont mix and match nappy and pants it really confuses the child and prolong the toilet training. But you can use nappy at night time when they are fast asleep.
  • Take them toilet every one hour and praise them as much as you can.
  •  If they do get wet or dirty clean them STRAIGHT AWAY. Dont let them walk dirty and wet otherwise they think it "OK" to walk around and carry on if they are dirty.
  •  Be very kind and gentle to them and change them straight away.If you show frustration or stress or panic or angry expressions your child might get scared and gets upset when they accidentally wet themselves.
Avoid giving them juices and other drinks give more water instead. Because juices make you go toilet twice the time as water especially concentrated juices. If your child is on the stage of nights without nappies or pull ups avoid giving them drinks 2 hours before sleep Make a routine taking them toilet before sleep and once in the middle of night if your child has lots of drinks during day.

Do reward them  every time they do wee or poo on toilet.Stickers are very popular easy to buy and keep children happy. If you do run out of stickers then too giving them warm hug as a reward means a lot for your little one.

Praise them in front of others:
Praise them in front of others it could be family members, friends, teachers. Show your child that you are really proud of them that they are toilet training. Dont count their accidents just mention when they have used toilets. Children feel more confident and encouraged when they see their grown up praise them and talk about them and give them importance.

Buy their favorite character pants:
It might cost you an extra pound but trust me it does work children love to wear their favorite characters. And if their pants are having those character on it they will be more happy to use them and try to keep them clean.

Make it fun for them:
Read or tell any story to them or you can sing their favorite nursery rhymes can make it fun for them. Or you can keep a toilet chart in the toilet in their reach so when they are sitting on toilet they can count or touch their colorful chart. You can draw a chart for them yourself and stick it next to toilet on the wall. When they do wee or poo let them draw tick on chart. Make them feel that they have done something very important and big job.

Let them explore:
Let them flush the toilet, put the toilet seat on toilet or let them use tissue by themselves. They feel more grown up and they are always curious to touch and do things by themselves.Let them experience. Ask them to use hand wash by themselves and wash hands and dry.If they do accidentally make mess on the floor encourage them to clean it with you.

Hope these few tips will help you.