Monday, 16 March 2015

Some suggestions for home made baby food for mums

Mums either from west or east on some point they struggled with the menu

what to feed their growing baby. Well you don't need to cook separately for your baby every time you can use portion of your daily cooked food for baby. Cook as normal before adding any chilies or salt take a portion out for your baby blend it puree if your are weaning or lumpy if your baby is using teeth).  It can be your pasta, soup, shepherd pie, meat balls with spaghetti anything from your menu.

For eastern mums I will say whatever you cook vegetables, lentils, curries cook as normal take a portion out for your baby and then add your masalas or chilies in your food so you don't have to cook separately for them . Such as chicken curry, lady finger , egg plant etc. you can serve them with boil rice or chapati.
We all probably know this but some times we run out of ideas or time. So here are some easy quick food suggestions:

Cereal with milk are the best
jam sandwich or butter toast  with some water base juice.

Lunch or dinners

  • Fish finger with beans 
  • Shepherd pie
  • Potato pie with beans
  • Pasta bake
  • Noodles
  • Boil rice with boil chicken and gravy
  • Fish pie
  • Lasgane
  • Cheese and tomato pizza
  • Fruit puree or mashed fruit
  • Home bake cake mix with custard
  • Fruit crumble with jelly or custard
  • Fruit salad(strawberries ,bananas, grapes) cut into small pieces
  • Flavored yogurts
  • Chocolate moose (occasionally you can offer your child there is no harm)
  • Ice cream with any fruit(summer)
  • Jelly
  • Fruit puree mix with double cream
  • Rice puddings or kheer
  • Swayian(vermiceli with milk asian food)

 Asian food

  • Pilau rice made with round black pepper and dried coriander
  • Chicken boti take out from curry wash off chilies and give with mash(you can cook potatoes with in curry and take them out and mash it) and gravy
  • Boil rice with curry
  • Vegetables take a portion out before adding chilies and blend it.
  • Idli with chutney( do not add chilies in your chutney) coconut chatney is best option.
  • Chicken kebab take mixture out for baby before adding chilies.
  • Roti with chicken pieces 
  • Daal also take it out before adding chilies and mix with some boil rice
Toast with beans
Scrambled egg with beans
Sandwiches (cheese,chicken,fish paste etc)
Cheese macroni or pasta cheese
Noodles (packet noodles)
French toasts
Pan cake with honey or jam