Monday, 16 March 2015

How to prepare and treat your older one for new arrival

If you are have a second child than its a bit hard for you to make them accept their new arrival in a family. Because so far the first child was getting all attention and love but second child means that they have to share their parents with the new one .. Which naturally cause jealousy in their sensitive heart. We often hear stories when the child ask parents to leave the baby back to hospital.. It's common..
There are few things that might help your first child to feel important. As a parent you have to be aware of these  things. Few tips..
Mentally prepare your child:
When you bought new items for little baby do buy something for your existing child and make them mentally ready that this is yours and that is for your baby sibling.
Reading stories books
Reading story books about new arrivals like I am a big sister or i am a big brother etc.
Take suggestions:
While buying for baby items take suggestion from the older one ask them to choose colour etc.
Buy a gift:
When you go home with new arrival first time give your first child a gift from their baby siblings and tell them baby got this gift for you.
Ask them to help:
Ask your older child to help you to change nappy. Giving bath etc
Cuddle baby:
Your child is curious to touch or feel baby let them hold baby and stay next to them to keep baby safe.
Give them more time:
If your older one showing jealousy ignore it do not persist .Divert their attention and give them more time.
Praise them: 
If the older one pas you anything for baby or do any little thing praise them and show them that you are really proud of them and they are great helper.
Give them more importance:
Give them more importance than a baby because your new born will not feel any thing but your older one is noticing everything and its a very sensitive emotional time for them.
Let them explore:
If they are curious about baby things let them touch and explore answer their questions and be patient to them. They might want to play with baby toys let them usually they test their grown ups to see who is important. Yes if they are age 3 or older they do compete alot. But you have to be very careful.
Share memories:
share your memories with your older child how was it when they born show them photos and talk about it.
Promote positive thinking:
Its first time they are experiences some one younger than them so if they accidently or jelously pull baby s blanket dont get annoy be very gentle and give a impression that you know its accident and they didnt mean to hurt baby. Try to promote positive thinking as much as you can.
If you have other grown ups at home or family members you have to keep an eye that they are giving the same importance to your older one as before. In other words dont let your older one invisible from the picture on any occasion