Monday, 30 March 2015

Difference children centers can make for mums

I found out about children center first time when I become a mother and the team of children center visited me and introduce me about their services.I was quiet surprise that there is something like that available.But I quiet like the idea to meet the other mums. So I decided to go when i went their I found different mums with their new born or toddlers.
Talk to other mums: 
I enjoyed my two hours stay there. I chat with other mums we talked about pregnancies our feelings as a mum, about children their habits etc. and the talks mothers are always willing to do no matter they are home stay mum or working mums. I felt quiet relief that I can talk all about and share similar kind of feelings from others and I discover I am not the only one who sometimes struggle with their children s behavior  and routine etc.
Advice from staff:
And there we do get advice from the staff members as well who can guide us professionally and support.In the beginning I was struggling with breast feeding and I think I got the best support from children center.
Children's development:
Its not only about mums but for children as well you can see different suitable variety of toys and activities to promote different areas of their learning. Trust me bringing children to children center was the best decision I ever made. My daughter learnt to share and get familiar different activities, nursery rhymes and her social interaction was really improved which I think would be a weakest point if I would have stayed home.So when I went back to work my daughter settled in nursery much quickly as she was familiar with the same kind of play lay out in children center.Ans as our England is multi cultural my daughter was confident to interact different people from different back grounds as she has been seen them in children center so it wasnt new to her.
Children get familiar with nursery settings:
I would suggest all mums do use this service it maximum charge you one pound only per session but its worthy. Especially if your  child is due to start nursery get your child familiar with the nursery settings and different people.You will get all support and help you need considering your child's health development. And you will love it when you see your child improving and doing activities and explore.
New ideas to interact and bond with your child:This play and stay sessions provide you opportunities to spend your time with your child relax and have "your time"where you can talk all about your motherhood.Plus you come across so many new ideas how you can help your child learn either is communicating or writing.