Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Job search as a mum

I remember the time when I was single woman  I look
 in job search and apply all  vacancies available without worrying about location or shift timings.Yes because at that time I didnt have the responsibility of my children and running a house.It was much easy for me to apply and ready to be flexible for employers working overtime and pleasing my employer. But after becoming mum my search has become narrow.
Though I do hold qualifications and experience in my profession but still I have to see whether I will be able to pay  childcare on salary offered.
Would timings and distance suit me to drop and collect my children from day nurseries etc and what arrangements I have to do for school term holidays do I have to search a different holiday club which is available through out the year? Or I need to find a child minder in my reach etc.

I looked into search engines do I have any right that I can get fixed shifts? But only guidance I got was that if we are working more than 26 weeks for an employer we have right to request for flexible time that can meet out needs as a mum. But is it fair? What is my fault if I have moved to different city for my personal reasons and I am a mum of two and want to go back work but I Do not have a right .. So I will be on employers decision I will be very lucky if employer will prefer me as compare of some one who is much more flexible in working shifts and ready to take the position on minimum wage..
I am sure I am not the only mum there will be lots of others who are in the same position as myself..
World has changed for me since I have become a mother.. More responsibilities , social life cut , budget ,  job search,  preferences and choices I make and even my own body physics.. But still I will say ITS WORTHY I thanked my God He has blessed me with children and they mean world to me ..