Thursday, 12 March 2015

Does a mother love all the children same?

During  my childhood i have always complaint my parents that I am not their favorite as compare to my younger sister who was more talented and later became gold medalist number of times during her studies.. I have this feeling that I am never successful as other sisters that's why I am not important and they don't love me as much they love her..most of the siblings might have the same feelings. But is it true? Can mother s love is different from child to child? 

Now I have become mother of two beautiful girls. And hand on my heart I never felt my love is lessens for any of them . I might give an extra attention to younger one as she started walking.. And it's purely her safety concern .. But I do not want my older one feel that she is not important for me anymore.. So I keep giving her hugs and kisses as many times I can and I have noticed her sometimes she is watching TV but at the same time she check on me from the corner of her eyes when I am cuddling little one.

So this is reality my friends! Mother loves all her children the same as she has given them birth but some times they do not show it.. not because they love them less its just some of us do not realize what's other children are feeling. I think we need to show them that they are as important as others no matter if they are older.. still they are children.. So all dear moms take a moment  in your busy household or working life and observe your routine do not let any of them feel ignored... 

Each child is different and their way of showing their expressions is different too.They might say "mom I am not a baby anymore" but in their hearts they like it when you show them that you love them and you care. Praise them on their little achievements or good deeds, show them that you are proud of them.