Thursday, 9 April 2015

My baby doesn't come off my lap..

Many mums struggle with their babies that they are too attach with them when they are awake they do not want to be put down they want their mums or carers to hold them most of the time. Or stay close to them. Usually first time mums struggle with this. The reason is many of us when have first time baby we are over whelmed and likes to cuddle them as much as we can sometimes different family members are around so baby is been picked up and watched all the time. So babies get used to it but as they grow this started to become an issue how to mange household work when baby is awake..
There is nothing wrong with cuddling babies in fact this is the only time you can cuddle them most once they grow older they like to keep themselves busy in their play or exploring their surroundings.
 Here I will discuss how to change your little one's attention habit.. Nothing can be done in a day or week time. It will take a bit longer and you have to set up routine and follow it.
Step 1:
First you have to start from 5 minutes. When your baby had a sleep and they are fed this is the best time to train them . Put baby in the cot or floor mat or bed by you and introduce them with colorful rattles or mobile or you can even use colorful medium size materials ( make sure they are not lengthy that can cause strangling it should be big enough that babies can grab them. And wave them). Now let the child play with them . In a day around five times repeat this routine you will be able to identify which toys attracts them most.
Step 2:
Second or third day leave toys or mobile  in front of baby and just sit by them and let them explore . Interact with them with gap you can watch TV at the same time or read book or use computer etc.. Make sure swap places do not keep them in  same place every time it can cause hardship for you later on when you are on the move. Repeat this routine three to  five times a day.
Step  3:
Now you should be able to see some positive change and when your baby is playing move around in the room that baby can see you and sit by them with gaps.
Now you have done your introduction. Now next four days when ever you put your baby after feeding to play move around the room do your cleaning ,reading
book or anything but don't sit by them continuously. In 5 days your baby will get used to play on their own while you are moving around and from their you can gradually increase the gap of your presence in front of your little one when they are playing .
If your child take a bit longer do not need to worry just be firm and repeat the routine.
Good luck!