Saturday, 11 April 2015

What does my baby want?

When you have a new born there is so much  new things you need to learn.What does baby want/? and how would you comfort and fulfill their need. Even if this is your second or third child.Always remember each child is different. I have two children and there was a big difference between their early days. So iw ill suggest you dear readers when you have baby you need to understand what they want? How would you know ? here are some guidlines might help you to soothes your baby.

  1. Always remember three reasons of baby crying.feeding, nappy, sleep. 
  • Feeding:New born babies usually needs feeding every 2 to 3 hours if breastfed or every 4 hours depends how much milk they take at once. Some babies drinks milk in one go and fed for four hours but some babies drinks tiny amount and sleep. In this case they get hungry much quicker.Bottle feeding moms can see the amount of milk they drink and for breast feeding moms I will advise note down the time how long they are drinking milk it will give them a clue how much they are fed. In  first 2 days you will get to know their hunger pattern best is that you write down time after feeding that will really help you and you will be mentally ready that now if baby cries they are hungry, Otherwise you will find it hard to be organised and carry out other tasks .
  • Sleep: Usually after feeding babies do sleep..But hold on second you have to burb them..Yes it is very important if you do not burb them they will be uncomfortable and in result they will be crying more. After feeding even if they fall asleep , rest them on your shoulder rub their back until they burb and then put them down they will sleep well.Here is a guid line how much sleep you child needs.

   Age   Daytime sleep Night-time sleep Total sleep
       Newborn    7hrs 30mins (3 naps) 8hrs 30mins     16 hrs
       One month    6hrs 45mins (3 naps) 8hrs 30mins     15hrs 15mins
      Two months          5hrs 30mins (3 naps)        10hrs      15hrs 30mins
      Three months   5hrs (3 naps) 10hrs     15hrs
      Six months   3 hrs (2 naps) 11hrs     14hrs
      Nine months   2hrs 45mins (2 naps) 11hrs 15mins     14hrs
     12 months  2hrs 15mins (2 naps) 11hrs 30mins    13hrs 45mins

  • Nappy: Most of the babies feel uncomfortable when their nappy is dirty. do check their nappy regularly.For a rough guid new born needs nappy change around 10 to 12 times a day.but as they grow it gradually cuts down.
2. Wind:  If your baby cries and screw up his face like their are in pain it is sign of trap wind.Bottle fed babies usually have wind  issue but not for every one. If you are breast feeding your diet will have direct effect on your infant. Wind is one of the common reason for babies to cry. If your baby is fed and had sleep and nappy is clean and they are uncomfortable and crying rub their belly from left to right in a circulars shape (basically you will be removing wind from large intestine,for more details check on baby massage guide lines of belly massage),pull his knees up to their stomach and kicks their legs like a cycle ride.

3.Tiredness: When you baby is tired they will cry and they need sleep.Its not necessary that they are hungry. Sometimes they had their milk but after short sleep they waken up by any sound or change or some times if you visit any place and been out that can make your child get tired much quickly. Some babies go sleep by themselves but some dont. In this case once they lost their interest in play and they dont want to be fed then its best to put them sleep and give them comfort. 

4.  RoomTemperature:  Usually when a mothers feels cold she wraps their babies in lots of layer and when they are hot they leave them open.Its a mother nature but you need to use room temperature where you baby is because its not necessary that if you are cold your baby is cold too . Do not wrap them in lots of layers.Sometimes when babies get over heated they cry then take them  out of blanket or lessens their clothing remove their socks.

5.Bored: Yes your baby do get bored if you leave them in one place for long time. Pick them up show them around, talk to them or simply which room you go to take them in the same room put them in their play mats or bouncer or rockers. It will occupied them and they will not get bored. when you change rooms take a moment and observe your baby how they look around especially lights and seems to concentrate the sound in the room that is how they get familiar with their surroundings.

If then too your baby is crying you still dont need to worry too much .As in baby centre it says.
Babies tend to cry more between the ages of three weeks and 12 weeks, usually in the late afternoon or early evening. While this is a normal, developmental phase, it's only natural to worry about this end-of-day crying. But try to see it as a period of letting off steam. One study showed that babies who fussed a lot in the evenings usually slept better afterwards (Brazelton 2003).