Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Being a parent!!

Once you become a parent automatically your whole life style changes.How? have a look:

  • Outings: Wow love to go out somewhere.. But wait! lets think..if you are going holiday or just a day out trip, you will consider options like children or baby facilities, stuff you need to pack even if its a four hour outing, some snack for children, their sleep routine should not be disturb if  you have toddlers you need to make sure extra pair of clothes and spares bag , buggy, rain cover (British weather is unpredictable usually)blanket or jumper it might get cold before we come back .Or shall we go and have some  fun.. lets sort out someone for baby sit, we do need to provide detail and essentials even if we are leaving children to grand ma or a child minder so you need to arrange at least a week ahead for someone to look after your children while you are out.. .
  • Budget: Can you cover your outings with in a budget? going with children or going without children?  Forget it lets go have a lunch outside..Going restaurant ?.. good.. But wait ...will all children be happy with the food or do we need to buy one burger from McDonald's before going to restaurant of our choice? If you have a toddler do we have baby facilities?..Couldn't find the carer last minute.. Lets forget about it..Just get a take away..
  • Cinema: Yeah sounds good  but  wait!!will movie be  suitable for children? or we need to consider carer option? hmmm cant afford this time.. lets forget about it...
Oh NO... I am not putting you off from parenting... Its just some example how parenting can effect our life style. But there is something that you are blessed with and noting can replace it.. Your child!! Yes when the little eyes with a question look at you feel it.. The true love form your child without any expectation for them you mean world to them if you smile they smile, if you are sad they are confused. Look at them their little mischief might stress you out at  times but once they sleep and you have an hour to recharge your energy that mischief  make you smile and become a last long memory for you that even when you get old you recall it and smile. Like that day I was laying table my toddler wanted to help and helped herself by picking a bowl of yogurt and walked down to the table dripping yogurt all the way from kitchen to the dinning room.. Oh yes... you know how exactly I felt that time... but now when I recall this moment  it makes me smile..
Being a parent you physically and emotionally can not hate your child even if you lose something you ready to forget and forgive  and you might felt anger but their will be  always love mix feeling at the same time..which you only can feel if you are a parent.
You are blessed with a child... So feel it and enjoy it, save their childhood  in your life time memory.You will be amazed that you don't remember much about yourself how much you will remember about your CHILD..