Saturday, 25 April 2015

How to encourage my little one to play

As a parent we love to watch our children playing happily First rule of play is your  little one is fed and had their sleep then only their mind will be open to explore and play. Here are some tips might help you to encourage your little one to play:
Suitable Toys:
Age group matters a lot when you provide them selection of toys or activity. You need to make sure they are able to play with them or in other words toys should be suitable for their age.
I have seen grown ups offering a big rattle to 2 months old baby who can't  even hold it . Yeah we can rattle it for them but they cannot play with it by themselves.For younger babies soft and light toys or bright color toys or handkerchiefs are best or mobiles above their cot or play mats are very interesting for little one as they enjoy watching something hanging and rotating or making sound.. If you are too much confuse so when you go to toys shop look at the age group describe on the label of toys that will give you clear indication if it is suitable or not .
Sometimes we have a box of toys but our 2 years old toddler is not interesting because the toys  are too basic for them and they want something more exploring and interesting. So choose toys suitable for their age or shop around get the ideas what is suitable for their age and provide or create similar play activities for them.
Household items children like to play: Its not necessary you buy the whole shop for child suitable for each stage of their life. It has been seen often that children play with a new toy for a week and then just forget about it or loose interest. Buying new toys is not an option for everyone. It is always best to create something what is already available. Like children like to play with original home use items as they see their grown up using them so they are curious. Best for you give them some steel bowls and wooden spoons to play with they enjoy banging and lining them around , you can add some old rice or pasta for them to mix ,feel and pretend to cook.It will keep your toddler well occupied. And if you have children between 2 to 5 these ideas are best , add some more variety in it let them use water and poring plastic jugs and cups and let them have their teddy bear picnic in the corner of your room. You will be amazed how children use their imagination.
Or give them to dress u their old clothes,hats,handbags hair clips etc. They try to put it on them or they dress up their existing teddy bears or dolls.Not only girls even boys like to dress up and use their imagination to be  a super hero or something.

Outdoor play: If you have good weather take them out in the garden let them have some outdoor play. Or simply take them to the park. Children will play good 2 or 3 hours and use up their energy when you will be back all of you will be fresh and happy. Outdoor play is very important for their physical development, And they do not get bored outdoor very quick.It will help them to stay calm for rest of the day as they have used up lots of energy in running around. Even if its just kicking  a ball or playing chase.

Changing toys:If your child is not playing with some of the toys pack them away and take them out when you think they are bored with new ones .In other words swap the toys occasionally. It will occupy them and change of toys will give them excitement. Sometime when they grow a bit older and you bring their old baby toys they use their pretend games with them.Like pretend a rattle is a magic stick etc.Or you can help them to imagine or pretend play.
Get involve: Your involvement makes a big difference.Sometimes children do like their grown ups to be involved.It doesn't mean that you have to play with them for too long. Just share some ideas and play a bit and soon they will be in their play mood.For example a bag of building blocks in the corner of your room but your child shows no interest in it. So while you want to watch your tv program or drink tea. Take bag out and build a structure ask your child come and join you and soon they will be next to you making their own houses or structures. In 5 minutes time you move around they wont even notice but they do need your appreciation.
Stay engage: Some times children do play by themselves longer but sometime your engagement is necessary. Suppose they are playing to make something or pretending to be someone just ask them randomly What are they doing?or wow its great, that's a brilliant idea, what is this your two minutes questions will encourage them to play longer and make them feel happy , confident and proud.