Saturday, 25 April 2015

Why I love Britain? (As a woman.).

I Love Britain! Yes I am earned British Citizen and I am proud to say I love Britain.,
I have my own reasons to love Britain . When I came to this country I had experienced my life as a women in two famous cultures,Asian and Arabic. I don't want to name the countries as I do respect them as one is my birth place and the other where I grew up. But when I came this country I dare to look at life in different way. I realized being a woman doesn't mean I have to be dependent, Being a women doesn't mean I can be abused by dominating partners, Being a women doesn't mean in the name of respect I handed over my rights to others who do not respect me or love me.

Its hurtful but its THE TRUTH of woman's life no matter they deny it or try to justify their life style. In Arab. Few things I have experienced were: I was not allowed to drive a vehicle, I was not allowed to rent a place where I do not have a male family member. Not only this in case of abuse I do not have a right to seek help from police as its a family matter. I even witness a case of a women been murdered by her partner in arguments yeah the person was jailed and justice been done finally...But 35 years of marriage life the woman had suffered a lot of pain according to her parents statement. Its very sad  if she would have any support in living culture I bet she would have been alive or at least not been abused. Women is dependent on man and if the man of her life do not mercy her she is helpless..these are some basics. Usually girls are married by the age of 20 .There is a change in women education last few years but women job opportunity is very limited as per CNN ""Lack of protection for women at work and harassment are among the factors that keep women out of the workplace." usually women are not much encouraged to go higher education according to Nawar Al-Hassan Golley, American University of Sharjah :
"For many girls school is their only opportunity to socialize outside the family."

In Asia women is a burden the day she is born. There are so many cases that people attempt abortion if they find out that they will be having a fourth female child.
  "abort the daughter, try for a son. In China and northern India more than 120 boys are being born for every 100 girls. Nature dictates that slightly more males are born than females to offset boys' greater susceptibility to infant disease. But nothing on this scale."

They keep on having children until they gets a boy and if not the wife keep giving birth regardless of her her health. In some areas they do accept a child as a girl but they still consider them as burden because when a girl grows up her parents has to find a groom for her and give dowry and fulfill her in laws demand through out their life.When its come to marriage an ordinary girls face so much critical comments about herself that some time she might never think of like height, skin color, hair, voice etc things she is born with things she never have control on she is been judged and pushed into  inferiority complex  for the rest of her life that sometime she  even forgets to smile.
Well there is so much to say but this is just a glimpse what I have observed and felt.