Monday, 6 April 2015

This high-tech 747 private jet is a palace in the sky

Hmm technology! Wow its look beautiful 
IS this something we really look forward too? I dont know.Personally I am middle class person so probably for me this luxury is unnecessary. I cant see the point that I fly in a bed room or palace to travel. It wouldnt feel like travelling its something you are staying in a hotel and when you step out you are in another country. I think travelling in different means to reach your destination is kind of experience that you taste the variety of travel what makes it interesting.Travel,reach the place, visit, set off and back home. But if I travel in a palace got to other country stay their in a palace of course people who would be hiring this jet would be staying in palace. What difference they would feel? 
In my view as a human we like change and like to experience. if this limit luxury is from home to a holiday than their is not much charm left. Everything will be same..Hmm may be its just me who is crazy thinker.. What do you think?
May be if this service available  for someone needy than its brilliant and i would vote for it..