Saturday, 8 December 2018

How to treat Varruca

My daughter showed me three spots under her foot. First I was unaware what is it as never had verruca myself. Initially I thought may be her shoes are causing her spots and changed her shoes and visit the pharmacy. They advised me to use plaster on them and soak feet in warm water any pain occurs use antiseptic cream on them. 4 weeks down the line no change in the spots. Finally I managed to get GP appointment and GP confirmed its "Verruca" he advised me to use Duct tape and change every 6 days and Varrucas will go off and make sure in swimming pool keep verrucas cover as they are contagious.

I was shocked to hear about duct tape and asked any other treatment ? GP said check in pharmacy if you are happy to spend more money there are gels and plasters available such as bazuka, scholl freeze varruca treratment etc. He showed me on google images.


Now my home work has started. My daughter refused to have duct tape on her foot as she was scared when ever it will be taken off it will hurt. So I chose Bazuka .
Its very interesting on the leaflet it says apply bazuka gel and next day  soak the area in warm water use emery board on it and then peel off bazuka gel and apply new layer.  But NO it wasn't that simple. The gel just didn't come off the verruca so after using internet and blogs people experiences and you tube search I work it out we can carry on applying gel on top even if it does not come off. So every day I soaked her foot in warm water and then apply new gel on the top before sleep.
In two week times it started to dry up and I can tell they were drying up .  But my daughter was getting tired of this regular routine.
I dont know why but may be due to less NHS budget in my area varrucas are not treated so I searched for private treatments. Here what I found a hospital charges £150 for doctors assessment and £50 for varruca treatment. A foot clinic charges £38.00 for assessment and £30.00 for treatment. 
After using 4 weeks I could see that the varrucas were lifting up but were not coming off and it started to concern me in case if my daughter rub her foot on floor and cause it pull that will go worse. So  I decided to make an appointment with foot clinic. The next morning my daughter woke up and said  "My one varruca has gone" That was the best news I heard in 4 weeks time ...a ray of hope.. my treatment was right all I need to do is to be patient and continue using gel as it mentioned. Now it has been five weeks and two varuccas have come off and leaving a  circular mark on foot. And I Have hope the third will be coming off soon.

Lesson learnt be patient and continue the gel  . As I manged to get rid of them by spending 6 pounds hope fully others will as well. Good luck with that.