Monday, 18 May 2015

Children refuse eating food? Some tips for all parents.

All around the world parents are having this conversation that our children don't eat food properly. It

usually its the age group from 1 to 6 years old. I have observe many parents during my work and in friends and family. I have come across some common mistakes we as a parents make but don't realize. I can say 95% worries about food will go if we follow few simple steps.
Your child will not eat if they are not hungry:
This is very important to watch your child's appetite. They will not eat food if they are not hungry. For example:

  • If your child is age over one. Cut down their milk bottles and move them on 3 times meal. If you give them bottles of milk through out the day they will not feel hungry. I have seen many parents offering their child bottle of milk around five times a day. Cut it down to three bottles . Morning, afternoon before nap and night. And slowly to one bottle a day.Its best to watch when your child have a bottle wait upto at least 3 hours befor you offer them food. When your child gets hungry they will cry and winge offer them full meal and they will definitely eat.
  • For older children STOP giving them mid snacks like biscuits, crisps,bread stick setc. Offer them snack once or twice a day way before meal time. Other wise usually at home when you offer child snacks near meal time children eat snacks in large quantity so result they will not be hungry at meal time.
Set a routine:
Its important to have regular routine for meals . It will help you and save your time as well. So you can make food at once and eat as a family and finish up together. Routine is very easy to make . Its down to  you how you want it to be. Usually when children are school going they automatically follow same waking up routine in morning. So keep it up and serve breakfast and then snack in limited quantity after two hours for example two bread sticks or one apple, or some grapes. Then lunch after two hours. and evening tea after 3 hours and then night time dinner after three hours.
 If you keep 3 to 4 hours gap between your meals you will find your children will be hungry. 
Give them choice:
If you have fussy children give them choice. Give them two or three options before making food ask them to choose and cook it for them. Don't cook different food at the same time . You will end up wasting left over food. Once you ask their choice let them watch you how you making it when they wait for food they tempt to eat as well. 
Portion of food should be suitable:
Large portion of food will put them off. Children are young so their appetite will be less as well. 
Add colors to their plate:
Offer some salad and fruit and let them make their plate as colorful as they want. Two circles of cucumber , little carrot or sweet corn or peas.Even younger babies will be tempt with different colors and they will try them on. Offering variety will help them to discover new taste. But always keep the quantity low which is eatable at once.
Try out different recipes: 
Trying out different recipes keep them curious about food and encourage them to eat.But always make small portion for the first time and let them taste and if they like it you got a successful recipe to add in your menu.
Don't force them to eat:
It is necessary that you do not force them to eat all. They will eat how much they are hungry. Some
times weather, health etc can affect your appetite for the day. Like usually in hot weather they drink lots of water and juice and they don't tend to each full portion of food like they usually do.

"Kiss the clean-plate club goodbye. Not only is it bad form, in light of rising childhood obesity rates, to nag your kids to finish their food, but new research shows it’s also bound to backfire and create the dreaded Picky Eater."
(If Your Kids Don’t Want to Eat, Don’t Sweat It)
If they do not want to eat that time .Let them go and play and offer food after an hour don not offer any tings else meanwhile.