Thursday, 7 May 2015

Why I wouldn't VOTE for Tories..

Its 7th May Election day.. Yes I will vote because every single vote has importance in the future of our Britain. Future is in our hand we should vote who we think is right and who is the best for us.
But I will not vote for people who made people suffer and raise economy of Britain with human blood. I agree when Tories came to government the pound value has been increased. But how? I think we all know the answer. Let me go through them:
Cuts: Benefit cuts for middle class who become victim of crisis because of their personal circumstances or job loss etc. Yeah Government made cuts so people do not rely on benefit and they should go for job. But we all know the competition when it comes to job. So basically government decided to cut NHS funds so money will be saved, cut welfare fund so money will be saved including facilities for children like children centres etc Cut libraries funds so money will be saved  and some libraries has been shut down.
result for these cuts are visible lets talk about FOOD BANK. I never heard of it until Tories came into government.And  now in BBC report;
Food bank:
.A food bank charity says it has handed out 913,000 food parcels in the last year, up from 347,000 the year before.
The Trussell Trust said a third were given to repeat visitors but that there was a "shocking" 51% rise in clients to established food banks. It said benefit payment delays were the main cause.
In a letter to ministers, more than 500 clergy say the increase is "terrible". 
(Food bank see shocking rise in number of users) check this link for details.

NHS Crises:
Inquiries by the Guardian into the impact of the quest to deliver £20bn of "efficiency savings" in the NHS in England by 2015 also shows that walk-in centres are closing and anti-obesity programmes are being scaled back and hospitals reducing the number of nurses and midwives they employ, despite rising demand for healthcare and an ongoing baby boom.
(Revealed how Nhs cuts affecting, young, old and infirm)

Benefit Cuts:
Well Tories asking us to raise economy by cutting benefits of the needy. Including low income, disable, and vulnerable? lets look at this report:

Liberal Democrat general election campaign spokesperson Lord Scriven said: "Conservative plans for £12bn worth of welfare cuts means £1,500 cut for eight million households.
"To build a stronger economy and a fairer society, the welfare system should be designed to help people get on in life.
"But, surprise, surprise the Tories are hell-bent on punishing disabled people and working families with crippling welfare cuts."
Election 2015: Conservative benefit cut options leaked

For God's sake.. These people are our own people.. people of Britain!! Do we want our people suffer so we can save our tax because we" EARN MORE"? Can we be so selfish to our own country? Do we want Britain divided into poor and rich where rich is richer and poor is poorer? Where is generosity? unity? humanity? We Britain if we see a wild bird injured we rescue them since when we have become so selfish and stone hearted for our own people who are in crises?Can we not increase our economy by not interfering globally around the world and just focus on our country and our people?